ScriboMan, what is it all about?

Dear reader,

welcome on board of ScriboMan, a writing vessel that will serve us to discover and conquer lands where no human foot has ever set. Whether it be history, politics, comedy or drama, we are to experience them all, and if the wide horizon of themes leaves you unsatisfied, just leave a comment and suggest a new one! I am, afterall, yours truly,

Mercenary Writer


ps: Anej Korsika (1985) is a PhD. student at Facutly of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. His research interests include: commodity form, abstract labour, capitalist crisis, history of workers struggles and socialist policies, especially Bolshevism. He was active in various student struggles and participated in the occupation of Facutly of Arts.

From 2009 to 2011 he was the editor of a student newspaper Tribuna and is currently a member of editorial board of the magazine Borec (Fighter). He is a member of programe board of Institute for Labour Studies and coordinator for International Cooperation at the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (member of United Left coalition).


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